Vietnamese Visas And Visas On Arrival



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Vietnam Visa Application Form

Visa on Arrival

You can save time by completing the Entry/Exit form before you arrive at one of Vietnam’s international airports. To get started, click here to download, print, and complete the PDF form. (See document notes for photo requirements)

Vietnam Visa Makes It Simple to Get a Business or Tourist Visa

Getting a business or tourist visa to Vietnam is simple at Vietnam Visa

  1. Step 1 — Fill out a quick application form online (you will need to know your arrival date and the name of the airport at which you will arrive)
  2. Step 2 — Pay the visa servicing fee online
  3. Step 3 — Within two business days, you will get an email with your official Vietnam visa Approval Letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department
  4. Step 4 — Print the Approval Letter and prepare two (4cm x 6cm) photos of yourself according to noted requirements
  5. Step 5 — Bring the printed Approval Letter, photos, and the government Stamping Fee (along with your passport and any other required documents) with you on your trip to Vietnam
  6. Step 6 — When you arrive at your destination airport in Vietnam, show the Approval Letter and photos at the Immigration office