Canadian Citizens Must Have a Visa To Visit Vietnam

Canadian travelers can find adventure and excitement with a trip to Vietnam. While admittedly, Vietnam is a good distance from Canada, flight costs are reasonable. Air Canada offers routes from Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, and most flights connect via Hong Kong or Seoul. After arriving, travelers of all types will find that Vietnam can cater to their needs, and Canadian travelers who are on a budget will have a variety of options during their stay in Vietnam.

Once you have decided on Vietnam as your next destination, you must figure out your travel logistics. Since 1996, all Canadian citizens who come to Vietnam can pick up a Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam’s international airports. However, obtaining a Vietnam visa is easy for Canadian citizens.

How to get a visa to Vietnam from Canada

To obtain a Vietnam tourist visa on arrival, Canadian travelers need to follow the steps below:

Typical processing time for Vietnam visa applications for Canadians is approximately two working days. However, depending on application specifics such as single entry or multiple entry requirements, some applications may have a longer processing time. It is best to apply for your Vietnam visa as early as possible to make sure that you have ample time to sort out any potential issues.

Application details for Canadian citizens traveling to Vietnam

Before applying for your Vietnam visa, please make sure that your Canadian passport is valid for at least six months after your date of arrival to Vietnam. Also, make sure that your Canadian passport has blank pages left for a Vietnam visa stamp. Know that the visa on arrival option is only applicable for people who travel to Vietnam by air.

To help ensure that your Vietnam application contains all needed information, be sure to include the information listed below:

  • Your name exactly as per passport. (Please provide your full name on your passport. The order of your first, middle, and last names is not important).
  • Your date of birth. (In Vietnam, the date format is DD/MM/YY).
  • Your nationality on the passport that you will use to enter Vietnam. (The passport that you plan to use must be valid for at least six months from your date of arrival into Vietnam).
  • Your passport number. (Be careful! The passport number that you provide must match with the number inside your passport exactly).
  • Your date of arrival. (Applicants must submit their intended date of arrival. Canadian citizens can enter Vietnam on or after the submitted arrival date).
  • Passport photos. (If you plan to arrive at one of Vietnam’s international airports, you must provide passport photos).

To apply for a visa, visit our online Vietnam visa application for Canadian citizens. For further assistance, please email us at or call our hotline at +84 832 320 320.

Travel tips for Canadians traveling to Vietnam

We have developed a variety of resources to help Canadians plan their trip to Vietnam. After you apply for your Vietnam visa, be sure to take a look! Below are some resource links you may find useful:

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  • Know that Vietnam has a variety of climates, and regional climates can greatly vary. Please take a look at our article on the best times to visit Vietnam by region so that you know what weather to expect during your stay. Be sure to pack a variety of clothing that is appropriate for the weather you will experience.
  • When in Vietnam, travelers experience new customs and etiquette. To make sure that you fit in well with the locals, review our ultimate guide to customs and etiquette in Vietnam. If you plan to visit any of Vietnam’s sacred Buddhist or Hindu sites, wear conservative clothing.
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We hope our Vietnam travel resources for Canadian citizens are useful! Remember, your first step when planning your trip to Vietnam is to apply online for a Vietnam visa.