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4 Must-See National Parks in Vietnam

Vietnam is a land where lush green forests blend seamlessly with urban marvels. As the world rushes forward, Vietnam holds tight to its rich tapestry of nature and tradition. At the heart of this effort are its national parks, which are diverse and filled with life. Let’s dive deep into why these parks hold such […]

Vietnam’s Top 5 Historical Landmarks

As a land of timeless beauty, Vietnam offers not just breathtaking landscapes but also a wealth of history. Its landmarks reflect the nation’s rich cultures, historic wars, and unique empires. Every corner tells a story. They’re waiting to be heard, seen, and felt by those who visit. Take a look at the best historical landmarks […]

What’s the Difference Between an E-Visa and Visa on Arrival?

Getting ready for a trip to Vietnam? We’re here to help make your dream come true. But first, let’s clear up a common point of confusion: the difference between an E-Visa and a Visa on Arrival. We’ll help you understand which one’s right for you. Visa on Arrival A Visa on Arrival, or VOA, is […]

Food Delicacies You Can Only Try in Vietnam

Vietnamese food is more than just pho – the popular hearty meat soup. To truly experience the full gamut of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you will have to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam is known for its more interesting foods. Wines made with cobras, various insect delicacies, and odorous fruit are just some of the more interesting […]

How to Be a Non-Touristy Tourist in Vietnam

Each year upwards of fifteen million people visit Vietnam. It is no wonder that with its diverse natural beauty, unique culture, delicious food, and more, that Vietnam is a popular tourist destination. But, sometimes, being thrust in with throngs of other tourists can hamper your ability to experience authentic Vietnam. If you are looking for […]

Xin chào! Vietnamese Translations of Common Phrases

While many English speakers are intimidated by the strange characters and pronunciations of Asian languages, Vietnamese can, in some ways, be easier to navigate. Because it uses a Latinized alphabet, it is easier for those who don’t speak the language to read street signs, order off of menus, and more. While learning how to correctly […]

The 6 Best Attractions In Hue, Vietnam

Hue is a city rich in culture and heritage. Here, you can explore multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including The Forbidden City, seven royal tombs, and numerous pagodas. The city also has affordable hotels, and savory cuisine beckons visitors year-round. Countryside bike tours and river boat tours are also enjoyable ways to explore this scenic […]